Our Vision

Aboriginal Communities where Aboriginal people of all ages unite to take responsibility in providing a safe and caring environment.

Our Mission

Abcare supports the local Aboriginal communities and surrounding areas.

Abcare support the social and emotional wellbeing of elders, frail aged and people with disabilities, their carers and young people.

Abcare promote a safe care environment for kinship/foster carers, Jarjums in OOHC, siblings and parents.

Abcare build sector leading skills and promote and share cultural knowledge and history

Abcare will preserve cultural identity, and rights which are valued and protected by providing a quality service


Our Value Statement

Abcare is like a family.  We respect and support each other, we listen to each other, we keep confidence and we want the best for our community’s future.  We are client focussed and together with our stakeholders we make a difference.

Our Service Delivery Goals

Aboriginal Children/Young People in Out of Home Care are provided with a safe and nurturing environment which focuses child orientated practices

Aboriginal families are able to look after and nurture their kids

Aboriginal kinship/foster carers are skilled, informed, and supported to look after Aboriginal kids for other families

Aboriginal kids experience and learn respect, culture and traditions

Aboriginal people who are older or who live with a disability are active in the community

Our Vision

Our Team & Programs

Abcare has a team of staff and an operating budget for working across three areas of the organisation.  These are – Social Support and Food Services; Out of Home Care; and Management and Governance.

  • The Social Support and Food Services Project aims to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people by social activities and advice on health eating.  The project helps reduce social isolation for older people and people with a disability.  The project provides information and food to assist clients to meet their daily requirements. Clients of this project are older Aboriginal people and Aboriginal people with a disability.
  • The Out of Home Care Project seeks to improve the quality of care that Aboriginal kids in care experience in the Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Clarence Valley areas. The project promotes foster caring and kinship caring to Aboriginal families and recruits and supports carers.  The project assists Community Services to develop care plans and cultural care plans, find families of Aboriginal kids in care, and engage families in programs to support kids to remain with their birth families.
  • The Management and Governance team works to ensure that the staff and Board of Coffs Aboriginal Family Care work in a professional way and carries out all activities with love, respect and compassion.  It is committed to strengthening governance capacity; increasing the team’s financial literacy; investing in staff support and development; and building effective working relationships.