Social Support Coffs Harbour and Grafton

An individual Care Plan will be designed with the client or client’s carer/representative e.g relative or friend, and will include a combination of services depending upon their needs.


Clients may nominate at any time to the Social Support Coordinator, an independent advocate to communicate his/her requirements in respect of the service. The Social Support Coordinator will have to have the client’s written permission to have dealings with this advocate.

Client Care Plans

The Client’s services will be agreed to and documented in their individualised Client Care Plan. Clients will receive a copy of this.

The range of services available to clients includes:

Social Support              

  • Group Outings for the day
  • Trips away overnight
  • Support Groups
  • One to One Support

Food Service:

  • Healthy cooking assistance
  • Nutritional Information & Advice
  • Food Storage Information & Advice
  • Bulk Food Supplies

Care Plan Reviews

Care Plans are changed and updated at regular intervals to meet a client’s needs.

The services in place and the Client Care Plan will be reviewed and altered at regular timeframes with the client. The review timeframe will depend on the frequency of service clients are receiving.